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Project Description
An easy-to-use MVC framework for creating ASP.NET 2.0 applications.

Project Details
The aim of this project is to provide a simple MVC framework that developers creating ASP.NET 2.0 applications can use as an alternative to the normal code-behind architecture.

By default there will be as little as possible configuration to deal with (or even none) as the framework will operate on how controllers, views and actions are named. There will be configuration options for those developers that wish to do things differently, There will also be minimal code to write to be able to use the framework that this supplied in a single assembly. PixelDragonsMVC.NET will also help you to keep your code structured well and naming consistent.

We've taken inspiration from other MVC frameworks (both .NET and Java) and added our own spin on how an MVC should work. So hopefully it is the best of all worlds: simple, light-weight, minimal configuration and minimal code.

There is a sample project that shows PixelDragonsMVC.NET in action. We'll be added more documentation in the future.

How did this project start
Well, we were looking to replace our current MVC framework but was unable to find a suitable simple one that made development faster. There were always lots of configuration to setup and extra code to write. So we decided to make our own and share it here with the world.

  • Built-in support for NHibernate, PixelDragonsMVC.NET takes care of creating sessions and transactions and includes a generic DAO that you can use directly or derive off .
  • Built-in support for log4net. A logger is automatically created for you to use in your controllers.
  • Reuse of views/controls with AJAX calls so that an area of the view can be rendered by the server the first time round and then updated via AJAX using the same view/control UI code. Removing the need to duplicate UI code if you want the page to be fully populated from the server. The sample application shows this in action,
  • Includes full support of Master Pages and Controls, take a look at the sample application to see this in action.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email us at support (at) pixeldragons dot com or add a post to the forum

For information of our other projects, check out

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